Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Taste of Europe

Hello all. Im sure you're dying to know... and the answer is yes, we tasted authentic Weiner Schniztel! We had a great time on our European vacation with our friends, Andy and Janel and their son Caiden(18 months old!). We were also accompanied by Andy's parents, Cliff and Trish.

We got to Amsterdam at 7am on Sunday May 17 and it was non-stop from then on out! We traveled (by train) to Paris, Munich, Berlin and Friedeberg(a small town in Northern Germany). We did it all in 16 days and it was definitely not enough time to see everything. With that being said, it's certainly apparent that we have to go back to see and do everything else!

Here are some photos from the trip:

Things we learned in Europe:

The food can always use a lil more salt and pepper.
A hotel near a train station stop is PRICELESS!
Tip small!
When the sign says 5 Euro, it's 5 Euro... meaning tax is already in there.
The train system is amazing.
The Italians are taking over... there's more Pizza shops than there are country specific restaurants.
They don't believe in ice.
No Dr Pepper.
Air Conditioning = a fan blowing.

Watch out for 3 things: Bikes, Muffin Tops, and Pigeons(although Janel called them penguins)
Coffee Houses aren't for coffee.
There are more bikes than people.
A good means of transportation, the Canal Bus.
Heineken is made and shipped from there.

Watch out for 3 things: Flying Cigarettes, Motorized Bikes, and the Souvenir Leeches(men who solicit tourists near the eiffel tower with really cheap trinkets)
French Fashion = Wear Black, Wear Leather, and Wear a Scarf!
Pubs/Bars usually only have a couple of beers on tap
Everyone is in shape.
Men wear women's pants to compensate for being too skinny.
EVERYONE smokes... even kids man!
When dining or grabbing a beer:
1) plan on having at least an hour no matter how light of a stop it is
2) don't be afraid of the question "Parlez vous Anglais?"
3) dont be afraid to ask for the bill
If your waiter seems pissed at you, it's because he's just like that.
You need to know exactly where the nearest free & accessible restroom is. Otherwise you gotta pay to pee.(thats why the bums pee in the subway)
I never thought I would have to anxiously wait in line to get DOWN from the Eiffel Tower.
If you turn 90 degrees in any direction in any given spot in Paris, you'll see a statue.
When you order a coffee(aside from Starbucks) you get a tiny glass of espresso.
You always get bread... with no butter.
If you hear the sweet melodies of the accordion, violin, or guitar near... be prepared to get hassled for money soon after.

Rallies of Germans who march and sing loud will run you over!
Pretzels are the bread on the table.
There's Wurst Everywhere!
The Worlds best String quartets play for money... they're REALLY good.
Bachelorette and Bachelor parties all take place in the Streets of Munich. And it involves dressing up crazy and selling trinkets to the opposite sex??
The Beer is bigger than your head!
Wiener Schnitzel is basically fried/baked breaded pork.

These guys are Efficient... crazy efficient.
Dont try and make casual conversation with a person at a store... no talky, more selly.
Never thought Id ever see a clean and safe subway.
Everything's BIG
There's more graffiti in the city than there is art in all the art museums there.
Traces of WWII are all around.
Seems EVERY souvenir shop has chunks of the wall to sell.

Specific Stories will follow... this is but round one!
Stay tuned...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

How ridiculous... it that I havent blogged since April? Yeah, I owe John Q Public a decent post. I'll start by wishing all a happy 4th and all other holidays ive missed in between! Life is succulent sweet up in Sandpoint now. Once the snow finally melted(which was just about a month ago), we were able to start enjoying some sun and some much need BBQ! It's funny b/c once the sun came out the first weekend, the whole town came out of hibernation!

We had a great Independence Day party. We went to a friend of ours that has a lake house on lake Pend O'reille. I was in charge of entertainment so I decided on a giant slip and slide. It ended up being 100 long down a huge hill and into the lake. It was AWESOME! We should have a YouTube video soon with all the coverage. After everyone had their burger and sliding fill, we setup and watched the fireworks over the lake. Good times.

Some recent events worth noting:
Erin and I have been able to get on the lake with some friends lately... such an awesome place! We went fishing too and Erin reeled the biggest fish, but unfortunately, it didnt make it in the boat... line broke! We had a blowout Garage Sale and it rocked the block! I have now established myself as the dignified burger maker of the town(it's all about seasoning). We did some construction in the house.. took out a floating closet and put in a new desk and just yesterday, I built a bench. It was my first carpentry work... I just found a picture of a simple bench i liked,wrote down some numbers, and went to the Home Depot. turned out alright. Lastly, I auditioned for the local Theatre and apparently did very well and I am guaranteed some major roles in some upcoming plays this fall!

Dewee Moment:
So Dewee has been recently devoting his time to exploring the edges of the property and even going so far as to crossing the street and hiding under the big blue van that never moves! He also likes to stir up trouble with the local Magpies. Quite often now, I'll here the magpies squawking up a storm out on the powerlines and when I go to investigate the reasoning, it's always Dewee... meowing back at them and taunting them. One even swooped down at him and he jumped to swat it... very entertaining!

We have some new pictures up from some recent events. If you havent checked it out, go to

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Blog

I just started my new blog, Eric's DreamBlog.

Check it out:

Thursday, March 27, 2008


It's 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, FOOT! That was a lame attempt at a Harry Belafonte pun... but it drives my point across that it's the end of March, I write a Blog entry that describes Spring's slow appearance and then WHAM, overnight, a foot of snow drops like house on a wicked witch. Here's what I think happened...

Yesterday, Mother Nature woke up, had her coffee and was jamming to some "Let the Sunshine In". She put on her robe took a shower and got dressed up to go meet up with Father Time for some brunch at the local IHOP. After enjoying that, and a day of shopping, they both go home and get ready for a Belated Surprise party for Spring. At the party, Father Time slips Mother Nature a few too many Tequila Sunrises and starts foolishly trying to convince MN that it's New Year's Day, Jan. 1. She's plastered and believes the guy and somehow passes out at the party... and it's only 9:00! She wakes up at midnight and realizes she's gotta pee really bad so she goes and does her thing with a frigid mindset b/c she "knows" it's January... Thus dropping a foot of snow overnight to the NW... the reason it was only up here is b/c she resides in Vancouver, BC. You probably didnt know that!

Anyway, check out these pics of what we woke up to and how Dewee feels....

This is Dewee hanging out with his new pal before the snow... you can see green!

No More Green! :(

Ok, just I'd share that with ya!

Keep Living' and Lovin'

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We're Going Green!!

Hello World! By now, most of you reading this are experiencing highs in the upper 70's. Oh how i envy you! We are finally seeing grass in the yard. Im able to walk to the shed now without walking down the street! Still COLD! BUT. Come Summer, we will be rocking to consistent 70 degree awesomeness! Thats what we look forward to everyday, even when it snows all day on Easter!

Our Easter consisted of food food food and (in the Baptist term) fellowship. We are lucky to have really good and fun friends up here our age. Which makes me laugh when my grandma tells me every time I talk to her "You better stay safe up there all alone". Oh Dorthy! Speaking of, she has been in and out of the hospital the past 3 weeks b/c of a blood clot in her leg. She's doing much better but please keep her in your prayers.

Since the last post, we were fortunate to see the comedian Gallagher live here in Sandpoint! Yeah, the old fart came here! He looks exactly the same but all of his hair has gone from red to white! Still ridiculously funny! Erin and I have gotten our Idaho Drivers licenses as well now.. Erin's took a couple of months longer to get b/c she failed the vision exam the first time. So, after finally going to see the optometrist, she is the proud owner of hot glasses! She makes a good Geek!

Update on my medical problems: My blood pressure had started to fall but wasn't falling enough with the medication that I originally started with so I decided(with the doctors recommendation) to switch meds and now my BP is lower than it's ever been. I will find out in two weeks if my Cholesterol has dropped significantly. Im actually very nervous about this b/c it HAS to fall otherwise ill be on some super expensive Cholesterol meds such as Lipitor for the rest of my life. YIKES

Most of you know that my dreams are super crazy... crazier than that of 99% of people. Not only that, but that I have them every night.. sometimes 2 a night... and that I remember them vividly every morning. Well, lately they have been just hilarious. Because of this, I have been seriously considering starting a Dream Blog, just jots of the insane plots of my dreams from time to time. I tell them to Erin every morning and she just always just laughs and gives me that look! So now i wanna tell the world!! As soon as I get that going, I will let you all know.

DEWEE TIME: We have just discovered the power of the magical substance called Cat Nip. That stuff is awesome. Not that our cat doesn't already meow way too much but when i pull that stuff out, it's like we injected speed into his veins! Crazy cat. He now spends most of his time outside under the porch or stalking the birds who have recently just got back to town. He actually killed his first bird a few days ago. He also started something surprising. Every morning he gets on the bed and meows in my face until i get up and pick him up and bring him to the kitchen window to look out. Theres two things Dewee hates: me and being picked up, so I still don't know what happens in his lil head in the mornings. Its cute so i keep doin it.

Lightening Round: Ive taken into to eating spicy food... esp Five Star Thai! mmmm I'm on the second to last set on Hard mode in Guitar Hero... IT's SOOO Hard.. impossible even! Ive recently taken into the Stock market and started investing b/c of the current situation of the stocks... All time lows all around! Love the show. Flight of the Conchords... hilarious! Ive now been consistently working out/cardio every day after work since January.

Here are some photos from the past few weeks... nothing much but enjoy!

Well, thats it folks. Be expecting good news soon as my twin sis will be having her baby soon. We will be taking a trip to LA to meet lil baby Selah once she's born. God bless you all and remember to always Wang Chung tonight.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blue and Black

Since the last time you heard from us, we've become experts at handling the whole Snow thing. At its peak, the snow was (in some places in town) 15ft high... small mountains! I had to go on the roof a couple of times and shovel the snow off b/c it was so thick, there was a risk of having it cave in! Ive gotten to the point now where my back doesnt hurt when I shovel the snow for the standard hour in the morning/evening! It's even better when I had to borrow my boss Pulaski (ax/hoe combo) to break the ice on my walkway/driveway!

So you're probably asking yourself, "Self, how do they manage to have fun at all with all that snow?" Well, im glad you asked! We've actually been doing alot lately... we've done our first NW hockey game! Even without any blood, it was still cool. We have game night every Thurs night and also do Brunch with our friends on Sunday. The best thing though is the skiing! We've had some fun the past month. Erin's friends from Thibodaux came up and we had 9 peeps sleeping in our lil house. We had a blast. Spent most of the weekend up on the mountain skiing or in town playing the shuffle board!

So I know you are wondering when Dewee gets a story... well, lately there's been nothing funny other than his ever growing comfort with going outside and chasing snowflakes and staring out the window into the trees just waiting waiting for the day the birds and squirrels come back to play! He also still likes his new friend, the Roomba!

Little tidbits: My Blood pressure has gone considerably down! I cracked my iPhone. Erin's getting driving glasses. I got Guitar Hero(so fun)!

Oh and before i go, this past weekend, my friend from Seattle and his wife came to visit and ski. We went out for dinner on Fri night and on the way, a guy in his huge jacked up bronco was stuck in the middle of the road. Well, i stopped to offer a push but he had already had a friend with him who was going to pull him off the road... well he didnt have a tow rope but i had just bought one a couple of days before(tow ropes are necessity up here!) so i get it out and let him use it. Well, the friend begins to pull the bronco and gets to the parking lot when WHAM! the rope slips from the hook and shoots through the back of the truck pulling the bronco... new truck might i add. I stood in amazement and the only thing I could say was "Well, you can have the rope if it makes you feel any better!" He was cool about it and let me keep my rope... I still cant help but feel for the guy!

Thats all for now. Heres some pics of the snow and skiing. Pics

Sunday, January 20, 2008

All aboard... The Siberian Express

Well, this is the first post of my new blog page.. this one is free and I was able to design the page! Cant beat that. There's alot been going on but i dont have too much time to tell... so Here's some pics to suffice. It's a collaboration from New Years eve, Erins birthday, Skiing, The Davenport Hotel, and Siberian Blizzard we got last night and today... Enjoy! More to come! But before I go, I have to give the Dewee update. So I got Erin a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. Well, I turned it on the other day and it ran it's course and did a great job might I add. Well, Dewee apparently enjoyed the company and now has a new friend! He sleeps next to it and plays with it while it's recharching. I need to teach dewee to turn it on now and we'll always have a clean floor!!

By the way, this will be the blog from now on... please change your bookmarks and sign up to get the updates. thanks guys.